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If your looking for a Cardiff chocolate fountain hire firm or planning a wedding, birthday party, school prom or corporate event anywhere in Wales then let Welsh Chocolate Fountains take the stress away by hiring one of our chocolate fountain packages.

Welsh Chocolate Fountains have many different sized chocolate fountains available for hire and realise that no two events are the same so we have come up with different hire packages: Standard Package, Deluxe Package and the Tailored Package.

Tailored Chocolate Fountain Package

Welsh Chocolate Fountains understand that no two events are the same whether they be a wedding party, engagement party, birthday party, school prom, christening, gala ball, charity fund raiser or corporate function.

With this in mind we have come up with the Tailored Package so we can work together to create a package which suites your requirements.

Not all people have the same taste in chocolate either. Some may like white chocolate (tastes like Milky Bar) others may like plain/dark chocolate, what I have found so far is that most people prefer milk chocolate. We can also colour the chocolate, pink chocolate is very popular with girls and ladies. Pink chocolate is the white chocolate but it has been coloured pink with a specially designed powder used for the colouring of chocolate.

We always use Barry Callebaut chocolate in our fountains which is a very high quality couverture chocolate, as we do not compromise on quality.(Couverture Chocolate is a high quality chocolate that contains extra cocoa butter (32-39%). The higher percentage of cocoa butter, combined with the processing, gives the chocolate more sheen, firmer "snap" when broken, and a creamy mellow flavor). There is no need to add any other oils to this chocolate to make it flow.

We all have different tastes, especially when it comes to eating items covered in melted chocolate. We have a large variety of dipping foods which you can choose from. We have found that the six most popular dipping food items are: Strawberries, Marshmallows, Fresh Pineapple chunks, Mini ring donuts, Fudge and Turkish Delight. These items are referred to as The Standard Six Dips. You are welcome to change any or all of these items when booking your chocolate fountain package and we are always open to new ideas or suggestions from our customers.

There are three different sized Giles and Posner (British made) available for hire with the Tailored package. We also have more than one of each sized fountain. The Tailored package allows you to mix and match the different sized fountain with the different coloured chocolates.

If you would like to share or discuss your ideas on this then please email us or give us a call on 01554 756753 or mobile 07969224009 and we will try our very best to fulfil your requirements. We really do appreciate that not everyone wants the same thing as everyone else so why not try one of our tailored packages today.

Gem & Frank

Chocolate Fountain for Wedding Customer

I just wanted to write a review on this amazing company for doing such a fantastic job at my wedding in June 2008.

Andrew is a lovely man who is very friendly and a great people person.

Divine chocolate and a professional company!

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