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Ice Sculpture Hire

Welsh Chocolate Fountains can offer you clear ice sculptures or ice carvings, vodka luges and even ice bars for any event you are planning in Wales.

Whether you are planning a wedding party, corporate event or any kind of gathering to celebrate a special occasion then we can provide you with a hand carved ice sculpture to mark the occasion. If you have an idea for any ice carving then give us a call to discuss your idea or put it in an email and then watch it become a reality.

Ice carvings can come in many shapes or sizes and the only thing that restricts them is your imagination. It is amazing what can be created from a block of ice. If your company was about to celebrate an important landmark, celebrating the launch of a new product or celebrating so many years in business then you could have a bespoke ice carving that relates to your unique product or brand name.

Additionally there are many great ice sculptures that can be incorporated into a wedding theme, the theme of love for example.

On average the ice carvings will last about seven to ten hours so this is more than enough time for your guests to enjoy it at any corporate event or wedding. This amount of time will give you and your guests to appreciate the skill that has gone into creating the carving and have plenty of pictures taken next to it.

Having a stag or a hen party then why not a vodka luge to add some fun to your party have. Or if you really want to impress then why not have a whole bar made out of ice.

The ice sculpture can be delivered to your venue and set up before you guests arrive, you can then add lights to it for the evening to make it even more effective.

You can even freeze items such as flowers inside ice and you can have them as a centre piece on a table or on lots of tables.

If you want to express yourself with ice then get in-touch to release the artistic side of you.

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