Chocolate Fountain Hire Cardiff

Getting to know a Chocolate Professional

Welsh Chocolate Fountains was established in March 2006. After serving twenty three years as a technician in the Royal Navy. I retired to my home town of Llanelli, West Wales, with my wife and three sons. Having witnessed how popular chocolate fountains are at functions which I attended as a guest in America, I decided to go for it in a big way as I have always been told that I am a "people person".

I did my research and relevant courses and bought all the equipment from a British company by the name of Giles & Posner who are the U.K's market leaders in the production of the highest quality chocolate fountains. Since then I have strived for perfection, providing a first class service to enhance any party or function.

Coming from a military background, high standards are paramount in all aspects of my service which includes: first point of contact, flexibility when dealing with customers needs, presentation of the chocolate fountains and selected dipping items, cleanliness, freshness & quality of food and the quality & taste of the chocolate, politeness and good manners shown by any person representing Welsh Chocolate Fountains. Whilst developing the company, several brands of chocolate were tested and tried including: Barry Callebaut, Shockinag, Sephra and Belcolade.

It did not take long to realise that all the positive feedback was for the Barry Callebaut so that is the brand of chocolate we use in all our chocolate fountains now. Callebaut is a high quality couverture Belgian chocolate which contains about 32% cocoa butter. You can be certain that this chocolate is absolutely delicious, nut free, gluten free and very expensive, the proof is in the eating.

Chocolate Fountains are a favourite at weddings, birthday parties, school proms, christenings and corporate events as they not only give you a delicious food source, but provide entertainment, encourage conversation and are a fantastic focal point. Give your special day or event the WOW factor with a chocolate fountain, champagne fountain or ice sculpture and your guests will be talking about your wedding party or event for years to come. Hiring of chocolate fountains has now become one of the biggest “must have” items for all wedding parties, birthday party, gala ball and social gatherings.

The Complete Chocolate Fountain Hire Package

Welsh Chocolate Fountains can now offer customers to have an ice sculpture specially made for any event or party you are planning, you can choose from a variety of designs to suite the theme of your event. If you have an idea for an ice sculpture for a party or function which you are planning then give us a call to discuss your idea and it will be hand carved ready to take center stage at your event the Ice range also includes Ice Bars and a Drinks Luge/Vodka Luge.

Each chocolate fountain is attended by one or two friendly and well-trained team members who will be smartly dressed to ensure the smooth operation of the fountain and to serve your guests. We generally cater for chocolate fountain hire and champagne fountain dry hire in South, West and Mid Wales but we can also travel to other locations. Why not give Welsh Chocolate Fountains a call to discuss one of our chocolate fountain hire packages today.

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